Vertical Jump System: Advice On Jumping Higher

Welcome to where we will help you learn how to jump higher in any sport of your choosing. Below are a few tips on jumping higher. Also make sure to browse are site for reviews on jumping higher programs and great advice on how to increase your vertical jump.

Vertical Leap Tips

Every athlete that is looking to increase their vertical leap wants to know what the perfect exercises to jump higher are. Unfortunately, you are going to find there is not one single exercise that will work for everyone. If this were the case every athlete would be imploding their vertical leap by 10 to 15 inches.

In addition to there not being a single exercise that will work for everyone, typically one exercise in general is not going to cut it. In order to get the best results you need to mix up your workout and include a variation of different exercises into the routine. There are a number of different options you can choose from allowing you to piece together the perfect workout for your body.

No matter what type of workout you will be doing, it is vital you warm up your muscles first and stretch. You can warm up your muscles by doing some light jogging, gentle knee raises, or simply by running in place. After warming up the muscles make sure you adequately stretch all muscles to prevent any muscle strains or injuries.

To begin the workout your first exercise to jump higher is jumping rope. This is great cardiovascular conditioning that will build up the muscles in your calves while speeding up your feet. There are several variations for jump rope routines you can practice including jumping as high as you can and turning the rope as many times before landing or practicing speed jump rope.

The next method that has been known to work is running stairs on your toes. This too will build muscle in your calves so you can explode off of the ground with your vertical jump. You can run up and walk down the stairs or you can run up and down each of the flights of stairs.

From there, look online to see what variations of jumps you can find that will build all of your leg muscles. There are different elevated jumps, explosive jumps and double jumps that will really do a number on your legs. The internet is full of information to help you build your legs the way you want.

The last tip to get the best results from your exercise to jump higher is to rest your legs at least two to three days a week. Overworking your legs will do nothing more than wear them down leading to potential damage and injury. It is important you give them the rest needed to sustain the high level of workout on the other days.

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