The Jump Manual Review

jump manual review

If you want to know how to jump higher, the Jump Manual promises to teach you just that.  It’s pretty hard to believe that an eBook and video training courses could do this for you.  I mean, don’t you need to put in some hours at the gym with a trainer?

Well, this book delivers.  It’s written by Jacob Hiller, a guy who has trained everybody from high school kids to NBA stars and Olympic athletes.  This guy has devoted his life to the science of jumping and put it all into this book.

I came across this book when I was wondering how to jump higher to improve my basketball game.  I not only got well over a foot of extra air when I jump, but also noticed improvements in all areas of my athletic performance. 

That’s why I decided to write this Jump Manual review.  Just to be fair, I’ll mention some of the areas where this product could be improved as well as the benefits.

What The Jump Manual Offers

  • All-in-one software program that is compatible with Windows, Mac and all other computer platforms
  • Teaches you how to maximize your vertical explosion with results in as little as two weeks
  • Takes a multifaceted approach that includes an explanation of the mechanics of jumping as well as practical ways to increase your vertical explosion
  • Helps athletes perform better in all areas of their game

The Jump Manual comes with:

  • The Jump Manual eBook
  • Complete workout charts that tell you exactly how to train
  • A whole library of training videos
  • A nutrition plan that shows you how to eat and plan each meal
  • 30 day one-on-one training through email with the author
  • Access to a members-only training forum
  • Access to exclusive web resources like interviews, tutorials and glossaries

What I Like About The Jump Manual

What I love most is the simplicity of this course.  One of the hardest things about exercising and achieving your goals is that you don’t know where to start and what to do. 

The videos, workout charts and nutrition plan hold your hand and walk you through it.  They tell you exactly what to do in order to improve.  You don’t have to learn how to jump higher; just follow the guide.

The Jump Manual itself is worth the price of the course in my opinion.  It’s broken up into 10 chapters and the writing style flows really well.  It’s written in simple, conversational language just like he’s talking to you. 

In the introduction he tells you his story and how he got to be known for such high jumps.  Then, chapter by chapter, he shows you how to do it.  From front cover to back cover it’s a great read.

He also goes into detail about the mechanics of jumping; in other words, what happens with your body when you jump.  All of this is explained in easy, non-technical language. 

I think the key difference with this program is that he goes into all of this stuff.  If you understand what your body should be doing during a proper jump, this helps you get it right.

The package contains way more information than you’ll ever need to know.  The Jump Manual itself is really enough to teach you how to jump higher.  It comes with so many videos and extras that I’ll probably never get through them all.  But I guess more is better anyway, so that’s a good value!

I also like the fact that you don’t need access to a weight room or any fancy gym equipment at all.  He teaches you really simple exercises that you can do at home without a lot of gear.  It’s designed so that absolutely anybody can make use of this program.

You Got The Pros… Now Here Are The Cons

First of all, the one-on-one training isn’t exactly included in the product.  I was a little disappointed to learn that you have to pay about $10 a month for the ‘unlimited’ coaching from Jacob Hiller.  I know that this is a huge bargain anyway when you consider his credentials, but I thought the website was a little bit misleading.

Aside from that, the only thing I think could be improved is that it seems to focus on how to jump higher for beginners.  If you already get some major air when you’re jumping, I’m not sure if it will help you a whole lot. 

But I’ve got to say that if you’re not Michael Jordan, you’ll definitely have something to learn from this course.  I’m not a ‘beginner’ per se, but I added some serious inches to my jump. Hiller says that even if you get 40 inches, it’ll help you add more.

What Some Other Jump Manual Reviews Said

Lots of reviews praise the program for increasing not only their jumping height but also their overall performance.  Some said that their leg muscles are stronger, they’re quicker, and they can put more strength behind the ball.

To be honest, this is the first ‘how to jump higher’ product that I’ve tried, so I have nothing to compare it to.  But many of the reviews I read online said that they’d been through all of them and this was the only one that produced results.  They say that his methods are ‘cutting edge’ and that he really knows his stuff.

Other Things You Should Know About Jump Manual

This product is nice because it’s actually written by trainer Jacob Hiller himself.  He didn’t hire ghostwriters to do it because they don’t have the firsthand expertise that he does.  This makes it much more authentic.

The Jump Manual also comes with a really nice guarantee.  Hiller guarantees that you’ll increase your vertical jump by 10 inches in 12 weeks or else you can get your full money back. 

When you think about that, 10 inches is nearly a foot!  That’s some serious air.  If the book fails to get you there, you can return it no questions asked.

Bottom Line

Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual is very effective at teaching how to jump higher, and it’s a steal when you consider all of the information it contains.  You’ll never have time to go through it all, but if you read the manual and stick to the plan, you’ll be jumping higher in a couple of weeks.

Author: Mike Terrell

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