Getting The Best Results From Your Vertical Leap Training

While the internet is filled with various workout programs and ways you can go about increasing your vertical leap, it is certainly not an easy process. It takes a great deal of hard work and determination to actually see results. Here are some tips to help you get the best results from your vertical leap training.

The first thing you must do is set a goal to work toward. Are you looking to lower your 40 yard dash time? Do you want to increase your vertical leap by 10 inches over the next few months? What is it that you want to achieve from whatever workout or program you begin?

As you set these goals, make sure they are challenging and reasonable at the same time. If you set a goal to increase your vertical jump by one inch, you will find yourself slacking because of how easy it is to achieve.

However, setting a goal of increasing your vertical jump by 20 inches in a week will only set you up for failure.

Now that you have a set goal to work toward, understand that one exercise is not going get the job done with your vertical leap training. You need to find a few different exercises and workouts that can mix up how you work the muscles in your body. Not only will this keep things fresh and exciting, but it allows your muscles to take on the load differently.

From there, look at where you are and determine what you need to improve on. This entails looking at your body composition, muscle fiber, strength, quickness, and any progress you may have already made. Understanding where you are can help you focus on the weak points in order to build muscle strength if need be or increase speed and elastic strength.

The last thing you need to focus on in order to get the best results from your vertical leap training is gearing the workout to you personally. You cannot base a workout off of what someone else did to gain strength or the amount of sets and reps a specific program tells you to do. Only you know your body and what it is capable of.

If you need to switch from exercise to exercise in order to stay motivated, do it. If you need to take a day or two off to allow your muscles to recuperate, go ahead. Just know that the only way to get the results you want is to gear the workout and program specifically to you and your body.

4 Things To Be Wary Of When Looking For A Vertical Leap Training Program

Increasing your vertical leap can prove to be extremely beneficial in sports. There are a number of different programs you can pursue to guide you through the entire process of increasing your jump. However, there are some things you need to be wary of when looking for a vertical leap training program to use.

Be careful of joining a program that has a limited amount of workouts that increase in length over a certain period of time. If the program has you jumping rope and doing calf raises and that is it, you need to question whether or not this is a legitimate program.

What scams will do is give you a couple of exercises and tell you to increase the length each week. For instance, they may ask you to jump rope for 5 minutes the first week, 7 minutes the second week, 10 minutes the third week and so on. While it is important you build on your strength each week, a minimal amount of exercises is not going to get the job done.

The next thing to look at with a vertical leap training program is how many reps and sets you must do. Some programs make you believe the more reps and sets you do the better.

If only everyone could do 20 sets of 100 for every exercise. What you will find is that it has been proven that almost 75% of the benefits you get from a workout come in the first set you do.

In addition to avoiding countless reps and sets, working out every day is actually going to do you more harm than good. Unless you are working out different parts of the body, there is no room for you working out every day. It is imperative you give all of your leg muscles time to recover from the grueling workout you put them through by taking every other day off.

The last thing to look at with a vertical leap training program is how you can personalize the workout for you. Every person is built differently and possesses different strength and endurance.

For this reason, it is virtually impossible to build a set program that is suitable for everyone. In order to get the best results from a program, you need to know your own limits and be able to judge when the right time is for you to move up while still making the workout challenging.

Author: Mike Terrell

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