With which back complaints?

There are different back problems. Actually, the term back pain includes various ailments with different causes. Think of overuse, wrong sitting or sleeping posture, trauma, infection, or inflammation. Here are a few back problems that a waterbed can help with:

Neck pain

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore, sensitive or creaking neck? Or do you have more pain during the day? Then you benefit considerably from a healthy sleeping position. In a waterbed, the shoulders sink in well and the neck vertebra stays straight. So you can prevent these complaints.

Shoulder pain

Even aching shoulders are part of back problems, which can be very annoying and persistent. Too hard a mattress can put the shoulders in an unnatural position. By forming a waterbed around your body, your shoulders will have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most unpleasant back problems. Unpleasant and problematic because the cause lies in the lower vertebrae. A good mattress is particularly important here for the intervertebral vertebrae – the pain – to come to rest at night. A well-chosen water bed relieves her backbone.

Disc prolapsed

Many hospitals use waterbeds for patients who have had surgery on the disc. This is because too much pressure is applied to the intervertebral discs during a herniated disc. That causes a lot of pain. Helpful is a mattress where you can easily assume the correct posture, without much turning and bruising. A waterbed is an optimal solution for this.


Rheumatic complaints in the back occur in many people. Rheumatism is an umbrella term for dozens of diseases of the joints and tissues. Most patients suffer from pain, stiffness, inflammation and joint overload. A pressure-reducing mattress like a waterbed is then absolutely advisable. You can see theaverage life of a mattress from our website.

Back inconsistency

Much back pain is caused by deviations in the backbone. For example, in a deformation such as scoliosis. Many people who have these symptoms find it troublesome to take a relaxed sleeping posture. A waterbed can help with this because it forms around the body and provides support without painful back pressure from the mattress.