Which components must an allergic person regard with mattresses?

The mattress core

Of course, nothing ventures as well as a pocket spring core. The air circulation in the individual springs moisture is perfectly removed. Pocket spring mattresses today’s design has nothing to do with the earlier mattresses with innerspring. For pure innerspring mattresses that do not apply because of the completely different design.

Meanwhile, however, the manufacturers of foamed mattresses have followed suit.

The mattress cover

We are talking about one of the most important textile products in the house. Which another textile should work at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees, survive 25,000 hours of use undamaged and remain hygienic without being washed weekly? Exactly – the mattress cover!

What would we pay for a jacket that meets the above criteria? 400$ or more? And even with the price, we doubt the durability over 25 000 hours of use. So if you think you bought a great mattress for 350 $, you did not even buy a good mattress cover! Not to mention the mattress core.

By the way: We have been keeping quiet for years about the quality of the salaries in the highly prized cheap mattresses, which always perform so well with the foundation (it lives on donations!).

Conclusion for allergy sufferers: Even if the mattress core is very good, a bad cover can completely override the effect.

The upper bed

For pillows and blanket, the same applies. The better the air circulation, the more hygienic the upper bed is. Of course, the cleanability plays a big role here as well. Therefore, fiber ceilings are certainly preferable. We have the more info at thebest-mattress.org.

The bed frame

As already mentioned, “air circulation” is the magic word. Who prefers good mattress hygiene, should do without a bed box. An open structure under the bed is very important for allergy sufferers.By the way, nothing is wrong with box spring beds if they are of good quality. Then the boxes are open at the bottom, through a 3-D fabric, the ventilation is guaranteed and the fabric should also be breathable.