Which components must an allergic person regard with mattresses?

The mattress core

Of course, nothing ventures as well as a pocket spring core. The air circulation in the individual springs moisture is perfectly removed. Pocket spring mattresses today’s design has nothing to do with the earlier mattresses with innerspring. For pure innerspring mattresses that do not apply because of the completely different design.

Meanwhile, however, the manufacturers of foamed mattresses have followed suit.

The mattress cover

We are talking about one of the most important textile products in the house. Which another textile should work at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees, survive 25,000 hours of use undamaged and remain hygienic without being washed weekly? Exactly – the mattress cover!

What would we pay for a jacket that meets the above criteria? 400$ or more? And even with the price, we doubt the durability over 25 000 hours of use. So if you think you bought a great mattress for 350 $, you did not even buy a good mattress cover! Not to mention the mattress core.

By the way: We have been keeping quiet for years about the quality of the salaries in the highly prized cheap mattresses, which always perform so well with the foundation (it lives on donations!).

Conclusion for allergy sufferers: Even if the mattress core is very good, a bad cover can completely override the effect.

The upper bed

For pillows and blanket, the same applies. The better the air circulation, the more hygienic the upper bed is. Of course, the cleanability plays a big role here as well. Therefore, fiber ceilings are certainly preferable. We have the more info at thebest-mattress.org.

The bed frame

As already mentioned, “air circulation” is the magic word. Who prefers good mattress hygiene, should do without a bed box. An open structure under the bed is very important for allergy sufferers.By the way, nothing is wrong with box spring beds if they are of good quality. Then the boxes are open at the bottom, through a 3-D fabric, the ventilation is guaranteed and the fabric should also be breathable.

Waterbed heating: what is the ideal temperature?

1. What is the ideal temperature for my waterbed?

Deciding which temperature is best for your waterbed is very personal. That depends on whether you sweat or freeze naturally. Initially, this requires some experimentation until you find the right temperature for yourself.

Most people find a water temperature of 27 ° C to be most comfortable. Often the temperature is slightly higher in winter and slightly lower in summer.

2. What is the recommended minimum temperature?

The minimum temperature for your waterbed is 24 ° C. Colder is certainly not sensible because your body then cools down too much and needs more energy to maintain your body temperature. This would be perceived by almost anyone as comfortable. The adjustable minimum temperature starts at 24 or 25 ° C for most heating elements.

In summer, it can be pleasant to set the temperature one degree lower. We recommend to set the temperature to 26 ° C.

3. What is the recommended maximum temperature?

Most heaters go up to 32 ° C, some even up to 36 ° C, but that is more as an extra quick-heat feature for your bed in cold winter nights. Once you have gone to bed, it is best to reset the temperature to 28 ° C.

For a good night’s sleep, it is not recommended to heat the bed higher than at 29 ° C. Her skin temperature is 28 ° C. At higher temperatures, the body sweats to lose excess heat. Buy the right bed on thebest-mattress.org now.

4. Is there a difference in temperature in summer and winter?

Yes of course. As stated above, the temperature is often set to 28 ° C in winter. Under the influence of winter pajamas and a winter duvet, this can be a bit high. In summer, a temperature of 26 ° C is often set. This temperature ensures that transpiration moisture evaporates and you feel less wet. In this way, the waterbed keeps your body cool in summer.

Important: Even if it is very warm in the summer, the heating must remain switched on. The water temperature is never warm enough without heating. It will only start if the temperature is too low.

With which back complaints?

There are different back problems. Actually, the term back pain includes various ailments with different causes. Think of overuse, wrong sitting or sleeping posture, trauma, infection, or inflammation. Here are a few back problems that a waterbed can help with:

Neck pain

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore, sensitive or creaking neck? Or do you have more pain during the day? Then you benefit considerably from a healthy sleeping position. In a waterbed, the shoulders sink in well and the neck vertebra stays straight. So you can prevent these complaints.

Shoulder pain

Even aching shoulders are part of back problems, which can be very annoying and persistent. Too hard a mattress can put the shoulders in an unnatural position. By forming a waterbed around your body, your shoulders will have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most unpleasant back problems. Unpleasant and problematic because the cause lies in the lower vertebrae. A good mattress is particularly important here for the intervertebral vertebrae – the pain – to come to rest at night. A well-chosen water bed relieves her backbone.

Disc prolapsed

Many hospitals use waterbeds for patients who have had surgery on the disc. This is because too much pressure is applied to the intervertebral discs during a herniated disc. That causes a lot of pain. Helpful is a mattress where you can easily assume the correct posture, without much turning and bruising. A waterbed is an optimal solution for this.


Rheumatic complaints in the back occur in many people. Rheumatism is an umbrella term for dozens of diseases of the joints and tissues. Most patients suffer from pain, stiffness, inflammation and joint overload. A pressure-reducing mattress like a waterbed is then absolutely advisable. You can see theaverage life of a mattress from our website.

Back inconsistency

Much back pain is caused by deviations in the backbone. For example, in a deformation such as scoliosis. Many people who have these symptoms find it troublesome to take a relaxed sleeping posture. A waterbed can help with this because it forms around the body and provides support without painful back pressure from the mattress.

Beds – too good to sleep in only:

One-third of our life is spent in bed. A bed is not only for sleeping but also a very special place. A wellness oasis is a retreat or simply a visual eye-catcher in the bedroom. For this reason, the beds should be very important to us – not every bed gives us a sound sleep. Not every bed lets us start the day fresh and happy in the morning. And not every bed invites you to cozy cuddles or moments when you can let your mind wander.

So you do not have to compromise, we have put together in our shop a small but fine selection of very special beds. Beds that give both visually and practically everything. You can get the best top rated queen mattress from here.

Beds for every taste

However you want to design your bedroom, you will find the right bed with us. Comfortable loom and rat beds for well-being, elegant metal beds for romantics or beds made of genuine leather and synthetic leather, which set the focal points. And with our space-saving chains, you will find a cozy place to sleep even in the smallest of spaces. Even the little ones will find a great sleeping and playing area with our practical cots.

As versatile and varied as our beds are in terms of design – in terms of material we uncompromisingly focus on high quality.

Bed as a style element

There are people who only buy their beds from a practical point of view. It is much more comfortable, however, to give his bedroom with the corresponding bed a very special signature. What could be better than with the right bed? If you like nature, you will like our solid wood beds.

For those who appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle, our beds made of rattan or loom weave are perfect. And the noble metal beds are true quick-change artists. Dear purist or romantic? The metal beds can do both. Tasteful understatement becomes child’s play with our leather beds. And those who have to accommodate guests in a small space will find something in our shop as well. Our foldable space saving chains offers the highest comfort for a small price. Which style is it allowed? Let yourself be inspired a little from our range.

Tricks and tips about buying mattresses

It gets said that it is a wise and considerate consumer who deserves to get the best values in return for his/her money. This holds true, in the instances you look for the mattresses as well. You require considering its suitability with your body features and body weight, only after which you can expect to find the best mattress. Here comes the guide to find the best mattresses that can offer you the most fascinating sleeping experience.

You require giving adequate importance to the material used for the construction of the mattress

First and foremost, give attention to the material used for the construction of the mattress. In this regard, you will come across with options like the foam, latex, and hybrid.  All these materials feature its respective pros and cons, and likewise,they have their limitations as well. For example, the ones made with natural latex will never ever trigger skin issues and allergies for the sleepers. Likewise, layered foam mattresses can offer the right support to the body parts that receive the maximum pressure in the course of the sleep, depending on the style of sleeping.

Check the firmness of the mattress before you buy it

Just as it is  important to check the material used in the construction of the mattress, it is equally important that you check its firmness. While firmer mattresses are ideal for users with more body weight, but, if the firmness is excessive, it is going to exert maximum pressure on the  shoulders, neck, back, and, hips, making it almost impossible to sleep on it.

As you check the material used for the construction of the mattresses and its firmness, it is important that you check its durability. Opt for the ones that would not sag easily within a short time. To combat the challenges of sagging, it will be wise to use the ones that come with edge support.

Still, you need more information about the mattress to buy? Please check thebest-mattressWherein you can expect to find the best guides to buy the top mattresses from the leading providers within the modest rates.

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Mattress softness: Will it benefit or harm the human body?

Within a soft surface, the human body gets compressed easily as compared to the firm mattress. It is not possible that the mattress comfort comes at the same level. The level varies according to the mattress model. You can choose a medium-soft or fully-soft surface. The spectrum varies which is picked by the individuals according to their specific needs. A hybrid variety is preferred for people interested in investing in a mixed combination of memory foam and innerspring.

Every mattress model comprises of certain materials and passes through a construction process to reach into its ultimate form. The softness level is a dependent factor upon the materials and construction process. For making easy understanding, different names are given to the mattresses.

Benefits of a comfortable surface

Are you a side sleeper? Do you face pressure on your shoulder, hips, or other body parts? Within a doughy surface, there is an extra support and comfort level for the people sleeping on the sides. If you’re not able to sleep on a traditional model with a firm surface, then you might end up facing sleepless nights. This can be a great discomfort to your health. For the best option, go through thebest-mattress-org.

The cushioned-like surface adds a great benefit to cure body pains. It is a matter of fact that the people sleeping on sides are likely to suffer from neck, arm, or shoulder pain. To deal with this situation, it is a preventive measure to opt a soft mattress surface. The memory foam comprises a polyurethane layer which is giving extra support and comfort. Moreover, a pillow-top or cushioned mattress are also great options for choosing the ultimate comfort under your body at night.

Drawbacks of a comfortable surface

Everything comes with some positive or negative aspects. These aspects are dependent on the individual needs which keep on changing. It is a great feeling to lie on a comfortable surface for a long time. Though, a soft mattress also comes with some drawbacks. It is a means of creating problems for heavy or overweight people. You can face problems on a soft mattress if you’re sleeping along with your partner.